DORIC LODGE #424  A.F. & A.M.






A Brief History of Our Lodge


W. Bro. Calvin Campbell

 Doric Lodge was founded on January 16, 1890 in the village of Duffins Creek, known now as Pickering Village and located in the Town of Ajax. The lodge was constituted and dedicated on September 03, 1890. The first Master was W. Bro. Calvin Campbell. On January 25th, Doric’s first Masonic funeral was held when Bro. Thos Gormley was buried with Craft honours. He had worked strenuously during the previous 15 years to secure a Lodge for Pickering, barely living long enough to see his dreams come true.

The brethren rode their horses, buggies and sleighs, sometimes for great distances, to Lodge; from Stouffville in the West to Orono in the East.

As time went on and the membership increased, it was proposed that a new Lodge be formed, more centrally located for the members.

The charter members of Doric Lodge were members from five other Lodges. Seven from Brougham-Union, three from Composite and one each from: Richardson, Orono and Preston Lodges. The first meetings were held in an old Pickering School House known as SS #4 West. This building is in use today as a vehicle repair garage, located at the corner of Church Street and Kingston Road in Ajax.

Because this mainly rural population did not have the benefit of street lighting, the regular meeting was held each month on the Thursday before the full moon. This caused some problems because in one year the lodge meeting was actually held on Christmas Day.

In 1900, the Lodge moved to a new rented location and made upgrades and renovations to Piries Hall at the West end of Pickering Village, west of Windsor Drive. On January 3, 1901, the first meeting was held in this new location. In 1921, Coleman lamps replaced the old coal lamps to be replaced in turn in 1926 with electricity. The Lodge continued to flourish and grow and in 1929 the members started a building fund with the intention of one day owning their own facility. This was very progressive thinking when taking into account the terrible stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that shortly followed.

In 1932 with cars being more prevalent and lunar light being surpassed by the town’s effective street lighting, the brethren voted to change their regular meeting night to the third Thursday of the month. It has remained so ever since.

The dream of owning their own building finally became a reality in 1943 when the brethren of Doric Lodge purchased the historic Quaker Meeting House that stands at the corner of Mill Street and Kingston Road. It was originally built in 1867 by the Orthodox Society of Friends and continued to be their place of worship until the 1920’s. The property sold to the Trustees of Doric Lodge namely, R.W. Bro. Cyril Morley, W. Bro. Irvine White and Bro. Miles Chapman. The late R. W. Bro. F. M. Chapman, the late V. W. Bro. Miles S. Chapman and the late W. Bro. E. L. Chapman attended this church in their youth. Cyril Morley went on to become the Reeve of Pickering Village and Warden of Ontario County.

M. W. Bro. Timothy C. Wardley the Grand Master and his accompanying Officers, officially dedicated the building to Masonic use on May 18, 1944. There were 236 Masons who signed the registry and over 200 sat down to a wonderful banquet!

In 1976, as the membership grew it became apparent that a second lodge was needed in the area. Doric Lodge sponsored Friendship Lodge #729 which continues to meet in the Doric building.

The Masonic year 1989-1990 was the 100th anniversary of Doric Lodge #424 and was a busy year with many planned events by W. Bro. Perry Ellis and his centennial celebration committee. This exciting year ended with the Lodge meeting being held on Tuesday, January 16, 1990 exactly 100 years to the day the Lodge was formed back in 1890. There were 250 Masons in attendance including M. W. Bro. David C. Bradley and the Grand Master with 19 present Grand Lodge Officers. A granite stone plaque donated by the McEachnie family, was unveiled by W. Bro. W. David McEachnie. Two hundred eighteen brethren proceeded to the Pickering Recreation Center for a grand reception and dinner with R.W. Bro. Terence Shand acting as Master of Ceremonies.

In July 2001, Doric Lodge member, R.W. Bro. Terence Shand was installed as Grand Master of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. M. W. Bro. Terence Shand was our Worshipful Master in 1975 and led the first group of brethren and wives to Spanish Town Jamaica in 1987.

In June 2009, W. Bro. Wayne Nicholson, led a team of dedicated brethren who demolished the flat porch roof constructed in 1961, replacing it with a very elegant barrel-vaulted ceiling and roof. The renovation revealed the original arch and fan transom hidden above the front doors. The barrel ceiling design is reminiscent of similar structures in Massachusetts; as with the main roof. This exhibits simple American Classic Revival features and architectural preciseness in its symmetry, keeping with the original Quaker design concept.


September 29, 2009, the 70th anniversary of the WW ll Battle of the River Plate, was celebrated by the Town of Ajax; a week-long event. To honour these remaining veterans, a luncheon was hosted by the Doric brethren. In attendance were: five of the Veterans who had served on the HMS Ajax, Exeter and Achilles and about sixty other guests including members of the veterans' families.

Many streets and areas around Ajax are named after families that have been associated with the Lodge over the years. Examples of some of our brethren so remembered include: Westney Road, Annandale Golf and Country Club, Balsdon Court, Chapman Drive, White’s Road, Baker Road, Boyes Court, Dillingham Road, MacKenzie Avenue; just to name a few.

Doric Lodge has had a colourful and interesting history being blessed with extremely committed and hard working members who continue to exemplify Masonic traditions and teachings. Many of our Masters over the years have gone on to serve the District and the Grand Lodge in many capacities. A short summary of those who have served their brethren since 1890:

113 Worshipful Masters

1 Grand Master

11 Right Worshipful Brethren

18 Very Worshipful Brethren

2 Masters have repeated their position in the past 91years

2 History books written and published about Doric Lodge

1 Book in production: “Convergence of Quakers, Masons and Town of Ajax”


I sought my soul, my soul I could not see,

I sought my God, but my God eluded me,

I sought my brother, and found all three.

Author unknown


Historian – Bro. Robert C. Rick



                                               PAST MASTERS


* W. Bro. Calvin Campbell 1890   * W. Bro. A. William Wright 1961
* W. Bro. John H. Eastwood 1891, 1892 * W. Bro. Lorne C. White 1962
* W. Bro. John Gormley 1893, 1908 * V.W. Bro. Francis Simons 1963
* W. Bro. George Kerr 1894 * W. Bro. William J. Martin 1964
* W. Bro. R. M. Bateman 1895 * V.W. Bro. Eugene C. Green 1965
+* W. Bro. Alexander Falconer 1896, 1901 * V.W. Bro. James D. Smith 1966
* W. Bro. Archibald T. Elliot 1897 * W. Bro. W. Hardy Craig 1967
* W. Bro. William Gormley 1898 * W. Bro. George S. Montgomery 1968
* V.W. Bro. Richard A. Bunting 1899, 1900 * W. Bro. Alfred J. Parker 1969
* W. Bro. Robert S. Dillingham 1902 * W. Bro. Richard H. Bodley 1970
* W. Bro. Robert E. Johnston 1903 - 05 * W. Bro. Arthur Edmonds 1971
* R.W. Bro. George W. P. Every 1906 * R. W. Bro. Nelson A. Houston 1972
* R.W. Bro. Frank C. Harper 1907   W. Bro. John D. Pugh 1973
* R.W. Bro. Frank M. Chapman 1909   W. Bro. James W. Gillies 1974
* W. Bro. John S. Jephson 1910, 17, 19   M.W. Bro. Terence Shand 1975
* V.W. Bro. Miles S. Chapman 1911, 1912   W. Bro. William Downie 1976
* W. Bro. T. Moore McFadden 1913 * V.W. Bro. Brian E. Thompson 1977
* W. Bro. Herbert G. Kerr 1914   W. Bro. Donald C. Dirstein 1978
* W. Bro. F. Lloyd Bateman 1915 # W. Bro. John J. Lester 1979
* W. Bro. William H. Crummer 1916 * W. Bro. Alexander L. S. McInnes 1980
* W. Bro. Arthur F. Percy 1918   V.W. Bro. Ronald J. White 1981
* W. Bro. John C. Stork 1920, 1936   V.W. Bro. Edward G. Ounjian 1982
* W. Bro. John A. McCamus 1921   W. Bro. George A. Clark 1983
* W. Bro. Arthur G. Clark 1922 * W. Bro. Sydney N. Robinson 1984
* W. Bro. Fred T. Bunting 1923 +* W. Bro. Perry W. Ellis 1985
* W. Bro. V. E. Cartwright 1924 + W. Bro. Stephen V. Street 1986
* V.W. Bro. A. Edward Stork 1925   W. Bro. W. David McEachnie 1987
* W. Bro. George E. Toyne 1926   W. Bro. D. Michael S. Gabrielle 1988
* R.W. Bro. Richard P. Winter 1927   W. Bro. Douglas W. Overy 1989
* W. Bro. George C. Coultice 1928   V.W. Bro. David V. Radley 1990
* W. Bro. Gardner Winter 1929   W. Bro. P. Darrell Frith 1991
* W. Bro. William R. Mee 1930   W. Bro. Gerald A. Stuart 1992
* W. Bro. Charles A. Sterritt 1931   R.W. Bro. Barry J. Hutton 1993
* W. Bro. Frederick C. McKenna 1932 + W. Bro. W. Raymond Willis 1994
* W. Bro. Frank H. Westney 1933   R.W. Bro. Mark J. Thompson 1995
* W. Bro. Irving G. White 1934   V.W. Eric L. Thom 1996
* W. Bro. Ernest L Chapman 1935 * V.W. Bro. Tom H. Houghton 1997
* W.Bro. William C. Murkar 1937 * W. Bro. James O. Collins 1998
* W. Bro. Harry W. Boyes 1938   W. Bro. Stephen R. Mouncey 1999
* W. Bro. W. Frank White 1939   W. Bro. K. David Eberhardt 2000
* R.W. Bro. Cyril E. Morley 1940   R.W. Bro. Elroy J. MacKinnon 2001
* W. Bro. John S. Balsdon 1941   V.W. Bro. Moffat L. Kiloh 2002
* V.W. Bro. Leslie M. Morley 1942   W. Bro. Paul D. Neuman 2003
* V.W. Bro. Albert J. Grigsby 1943   R.W. Bro. Glenn A. Cousins 2004
* W. Bro. Clarence A. Balsdon 1944 + W. Bro. Leonard Aquilino 2005
* W. Bro. D. Edward Schwalm 1945 * W. Bro. Timothy C. Saunders 2006
* W. Bro. Ross A. Murison 1946   W. Bro. John T. Houghton 2007
* W. Bro. W. Percy Neale 1947   W. Bro. Edward A. Lang 2008
* W. Bro. W. Frank Baker 1948   V.W. Bro. Wayne J.D. Nicholson 2009
* W. Bro. Clarence S. Bryant 1949   R.W. Bro. Bruce N. Palanik 2010
* W. Bro. Alexander Russell 1950   W. Bro. Mark D. Sale 2011
* W. Bro. Jack S. Chapman 1951   W. Bro. Brian G. Sale 2012
* W. Bro. Charles R. Noland 1952   W. Bro. Scott W. McDonald 2013
* W. Bro. Barrie MacKenzie 1953   W. Bro. Terry Doyle 2014
* V.W. Bro. Harold S. Anderson 1954   W. Bro. Terry Spalding-Martin 2015
* W. Bro. W. George Smith 1955   V.W. Bro. Moffat L. Kiloh 2016
* W. Bro. Arnold Grenke 1956   R.W. Bro. Bruce N. Palanik 2017
* W. Bro. J. Stanley Balsdon 1957   W. Bro. Hossein Jomehri 2018
* W. Bro. Vernon C. Balsdon 1958   W. Bro. Andrew. McDonald 2019
* V.W. Bro. Robert D. Rahmer 1959      
* W. Bro. Norman K. McCombe 1960      



                                                            ...COMING SOON!!!